Where is Tribu built and operated from?

Tribu is a World first of its kind, proudly built, owned and operated in New Zealand. Tribu is currently available in New Zealand only.

How can I contact Tribu Support Centre?

Got a question or an issue? We are here to help - get in touch with us. Email [email protected]

How can I communicate with other users?


As an Owner, you can message a borrower once they request a rental booking on your ‘Rent It’ listing or request the ‘Get it Free’ listing from you. As an Owner, you can message a Service Provider once they connect with you on your ‘Get it Fixed’ listing.


You can message an Owner directly through the listing to get more information on the item before and after making the rental booking. You can also message the Owner to request their ‘Get it Free’ listing.

Service Provider

As a Service Provider, you can message an Owner on their ‘Fix It’ listing to provide a quote/estimate.

As an individual what do I need to be aware of?

Goods and Services Tax

If you are an individual who is earning more than $60,000 annually on Tribu, you will need to have a GST number. Tribu is an intermediary between the Owner and the borrower so cannot offer any GST or tax advice. However, we can help you on how the platform works and operates. Tribu will generate a GST invoice for any Service Fees for each successful transaction.

No Joining and Listing Fees – Ever!

Tribu will always be free to join the marketplace for individuals, it is free to create listings for sharing, giving away and getting items fixed.

As a Business what do I need to be aware of?

Goods and Services Tax

If you are a business on Tribu, your rental prices and repair quotes need to include GST.


Tribu does not cover insurance for listings from Businesses. Please check with your Insurance provider if additional cover is required to participate on a platform like Tribu.

Business charges

For all new businesses who sign up between 1st August 2019 and 31st January 2020, it is free for this duration. Monthly subscription cost of $20 inclusive of GST will be applied to your account from 1st of February 2020. We will notify you when this takes place, but until then enjoy and follow up on leads for free.

Why should I trust Tribu and the users on this platform?

Trust starts with you. Tribu lets you share, giveaway and get your things fixed in a safe and transparent environment. We believe trust empowers you to live sustainably.

TribuTrust encourages you to be part of an online community which embodies our core values of Honesty, Respect, Safety, Responsibility, Security and Being Genuine.

Before any user can request a booking, they must go through a verification process, which verifies their Full Name, Date of Birth, Address and Mobile Number. We also partner with a leading global Payment Gateway Platform called Stripe who run their own checks to enable a secure payment process on Tribu.

Each user has a profile which includes their name, profile picture, mobile number, description and feedback from users just like you. You will be in control of who and how your share your items at all times – this will never change!

The more you use Tribu, the more feedback and information there will be available on each user. So, give it a go today! It’s only upwards from here. Interact, build rapport and use our messaging portal when a rental request is booked to get to know your fellow Tribuer.

If the Borrower is not verified, then suggest them to get verified first before accepting the booking. During the exchange of the item, be a friendly Kiwi and get to know the Borrower.

As an Owner you have complete empowerment over who you chose to lend your item to!

Even though we are just starting off, we understand the importance of building trust in the platform, we personally self-fund the verification process for each user.

Tribu Tip: Instructions for Owners dealing with new borrowers without any feedback on Tribu, we recommend the following:

  • First and foremost, check whether the borrower is verified
  • Ask the borrower to bring a valid ID to show before you hand over the item
  • Request to take a photo of the Borrower with the item
  • Meet at their house if possible.

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new."

How does Tribu work?

Tribu is a peer-to-peer marketplace — we create connected communities by revolutionising the sharing experience. Tribu enables users to share, giveaway and repair things. We’ve made it easy, with 4 easy steps.

If you want to lend something, just:

  • Create a listing for the item
  • Approve incoming rental requests and agree to the terms
  • Arrange a time to exchange your item with the borrower
  • Get paid through our secure payment system

If you want to rent something, just:

  • Find what you’re looking for under 'Rentals'
  • Book the item, pay securely online and agree to the terms
  • Arrange a time to collect the item from the renter and enjoy your rental
  • Return the item to the renter and leave a review

If you want to giveaway something for free, just:

  • Create a listing for the item
  • Approve an incoming request
  • Arrange a time to hand over the item
  • Leave a review

If you want to receive the giveaway for free, just:

  • Check what’s on offer under 'Free Listings'
  • Request the item and message the Owner
  • Arrange a time to hand over the item
  • Leave a review

If you want to list an item for repair or service, just:

  • Create a listing for the item
  • Service Providers will connect with you
  • Select a Service Provider and get it fixed/serviced
  • Leave a review

If you are a service provider and want to repair or service an item, just:

  • Select the listing you want to provide your services for under 'Fix Requests'
  • Connect with the Owner
  • Provide a quote based on the listing
  • Leave a review