How can I prove that the item has been damaged during the rental?

The Owner and the borrower is encouraged to capture evidence of the condition of the item 24 hours prior to and post rental. This will form an evidenced based approach if something does go wrong.


You need to take a timestamped photo of the item no more than 24 hours before the start of the rental.


You need to take a timestamped photo during the start of the rental and when you handover the item post rental.

If something goes wrong, how can Tribu help?

We encourage you to first settle between the Owner and the borrower. This is the easiest and cheaper way for the borrower. If the item is damaged or needs replacement, and a consensus cannot be reached then please contact [email protected] within 24 hours of the incident.

Tribu will assign a Case Manager to gather timestamped pictures from the Owner and borrower and assess the evidence. The borrowers accept full liability for the item they rent on Tribu. If they fail to return the item as agreed, they are liable to pay for its full market value.

What happens if my item is returned late?

If a borrower is late in returning the item to the agreed time, to no fault of your own then they should compensate you directly to an mutually agreed amount.

If this is not resolved between the Owner and the borrower, you can place feedback to reflect your experience.