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Be smart by renting things you need

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Be resourceful by lending your underused items

Be a super hero

You can contribute from your earnings. Donate your time and unwanted items

Tribu: Living Sustainably from Tribu Limited on Vimeo.

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The nitty gritty


A secure platform for you to earn, save and give. All users will be verified, making it safe to share

It's free to list

We want you to be in control of who and how you share your items. TribuPromise on items, means you have peace of mind

Rent with certainty

Communicate with members through Tribu, we encourage you to chat and get details on items

Secure payment

All payments are made securely through our online payment portal. A single source of truth for all your transaction details

Feedback is king

Provide feedback for each transaction. Encouraging transparency so you can continue to share in a trusted environment

Simple to give

We make it easy for you to give back. Donate part of your earnings to a not for profit organisation

We make an impact

Tribu contributes 5% of our service fee from each transaction. For every month we complete 1000 shares, Tribu will donate an additional $250

Living sustainably

Connect with your local community recycling centre to ethically discard your inorganics

Tribu is built on trust

Trust starts with you. Tribu lets you share in a safe and transparent environment. We believe trust empowers you to live sustainably.
TribuTrust represents our core values, encouraging you to share in an online community built on trust.


Why we started

We are a young couple with a shared vision to bring back impact within the sharing economy. Just like any great idea, Tribu was born from our personal experience - the need to be resourceful, to reduce wasteful consumption.

We recently bought our first home together, we had to go far and wide in our network to borrow items to renovate – this only got us so far. On our recent trip to Iceland, we really wanted a GoPro but couldn’t justify the purchase. Everyone has underused stuff or needs things but can’t justify purchasing. We want to make sharing easy, to complete our next DIY project, to capture our next holiday all while getting to know people in our new neighborhood.

From all our travels, we rate New Zealand to be the best. We want to give back to organisations who are doing their part to keep our communities clean and green.

Cladian and Sabah