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Quest Super Cruiser Longboard

Take some time out and cruise around on my Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard (44-Inch). This board is in used condition and is available for pickup in Albany, Auckland. The Original Bamboo Longboard - It's made of Multi-ply Hardwood Maple and is a beautiful artisan bamboo deck shaped to perform. Originally designed for the boardwalks in California to higher specifications from Malibu to San Diego, it has Authentic Component: - Genuine ABEC 7 speed bearings - 7 Ply Super Flex Bamboo - Hardwood Maple Deck - 7-inch aluminum trucks

It is in pretty good condition, it's only used for a leisurely skate during office lunchtimes. Please note though, the photos are from the manufacturer's website.

You should wear a helmet and protective gear if you take it on the road.

Per day
Per week
Condition: Excellent
Contact: Will S (Message)
Delivery: Not available
Pick-up location: Auckland, Albany